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Come Under the Godmosphere and Experience the Next Dimension in Destiny

About Next Dimension Bible College

Dr. Joel McLeod
Next Dimension Bible College Chancellor

Not that we are sufficient ourselves to think anything as of ourselves: but our sufficiency is of God: who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the Spirit: for the letter killeth, but the Spirit giveth Life.”(II Corinthians 3:5-6)

• Educator
• Master Teacher
• Author
• Apostle
• Prophet
• Purpose and Destiny Coach

Dr. McLeod is sought out by many in the Body of Christ for his profound prophetic teaching style that electrifies believers and leaders on every level. His book “Word Images” is the motif of his ministry and was endorsed by a few notable men and women of God:

• Dr. Frederick Price

• Dr. Myles Munroe

• Bishop Charles Blake

• Pastor Jack Hayford

• Bishop George McKinney

• Dr. Jean Perez

• Bishop Henry B. Alexander

• Pastor Chuck Singleton

• Dr. Carolyn Harrell

His profound teaching savvy landed him oversight and supervision of some reputable Bible College programs:
• Former Academic Dean of West Angeles Bible College with Bishop Charles Blake of Los Angeles CA
• Former Assessment Dean of American Christian University with Bishop George McKinney of San Diego CA
• Former Dean of Living Word Bible College with Bishop Henry B. Alexander of Pomona CA
• Former Dean of Scholars Bible College with Apostle Eric Morrison of Moreno Valley CA
• Former Dean of Living Word School of Ministry with Dr. Carolyn Harrell of Pomona CA
• Former Dean of Jean Perez Bible College with Dr. Jean Perez of Los Angeles CA
• Former Dean of New Destiny Bible College with Pastor David Horn of Ontario CA
Presently, the President and Chancellor of the Next Dimension Bible College and School of the Five Fold in Rancho Cucamonga CA Other schools founded by Dr. McLeod would include:
• Southern California School of Prophets Los Angeles CA
• Trump Bible College Los Angeles CA
• Berean Bible College San Bernardino CA
• Destiny Bible College Montclair CA
Dr. McLeod has pastored four churches:
• Word Evangelistic Ministry – Rubidoux, CA
• Redeemed Christian Center – Chino, CA
• Purpose and Destiny Christian Center - San Bernardino, CA
• Prophetic Destiny Center - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. McLeod initially was going to school to become a medical doctor. He was on his way to Meharry Medical College in Nashville Tennessee, but God would alter his destiny and launch him in the direction of divine destiny: a destiny that would entail facilitating the needs of God’s people. With a 3.5 G.P.A, he graduated from Mount San Antonio College with honors. That, combined with the favor of God, allowed him to transfer to a Masters of Pastoral Studies Program at Azusa Pacific University. He also attended Biola University in La Mirada California, Laverne University in La Verne CA and Drew Medical University in Los Angeles CA. Dr. McLeod earned his doctorate of Ministry. He was born in Costa Rica and raised in New York. Dr. McLeod came to California at 15 years old and immediately left a gang influenced lifestyle to give his life to God. At 15 years old, he became a believer and preached his first message, thereafter. Dr. McLeod has been ministering for over thirty-three years and has an undeniable passion to empower believers with the word of God. He is married to his lovely wife Yvette McLeod and has six children: Jeremy, Candace, Gabrielle, Michael, Nathaniel, and Danielle. They currently reside in Southern California with plans to extend their ministry worldwide.
The hour has come to prepare and equip a new breed of budding leaders, generals and five-fold ministry gifts.The “Wind of God” is blowing to prophetically affect a remnant nation to manifest the glory of God within the venues of men. The urgency is stronger now than ever, and the mandate to tilt the “shoulder of the body of Christ” towards God’s end-time purposes has intensified. Thus the Next Dimension movement has been launched for such a time for such a purpose. It is unleashed as an end of the age paradigm to shake the structures and systems out of a hypnotic stupor to the freshness of the prophetic word, proper. It is not an hour for fancy messages and the sermonizing of the people- it is a crucial time to decree and declare the marching orders of God to navigate Christianity regarding God’s End-Time directives.

Conventional wisdom is no longer the “rule of thumb,” for God is doing a new thing in the earth realm (Isaiah 43:18-19). It is not a revival, because the church is not dead nor “flat lined”. She is simply, comatose or zombied. She is a typology of “Sleeping Beauty” (of the fairy tales) of which a spell has been cast upon her, if you will. She is analogous to the “RIP Van Winkle” syndrome within which he slept through his purpose-missing his season instead of moving into his Destiny. He dreamt his life away-asleep, amidst his “days of purpose”. Next Dimension Ministries is a heavenly venue that is poised to embrace and assist in the facilitation of God’s End-Time plan in the earth realm:

  • To raise a new breed of leaders (Generals) and believers thoroughly equipped and empowered to take territory and expand the end-time word of the apostolic and prophetic;

  • To be the paradigm for the End-Time flow of God in worship, in church function, and in the delivery of God's word;

  • To bring forth the dynamic flow of the prophetic, proper and bridge its purposes into the conventional church setting.

  • The Mandate Entails:

    Recruiting, training, activating and deploying prophetically trained “Generals" into unaffected regions to bring forth the glory of the prophetic Word for the dynamic transformation of men (I Corinth. 14:25) –to dispel church apathy and complacency and to acclimate the Christian Community regarding the fivefold, and the prophetic movement of God in this hour:

  • To enlist and Equip 100 End-Time Generals for Deployment

  • To Lecture and present the “End-Time Paradigm Flow” to the Body of Christ

  • To Alert the Body of Christ regarding God’s End-Time Marching Orders

  • To produce relevant, End-Time cutting edge prophetic fivefold books and material to empower the “new breed”

  • To ready a people for the End-Time move of God’s Spirit.
  • The Mantle

    Dr. McLeod demonstrates a strong anointing to teach and communicate the word with a long lasting effect on the believer. He set out early in life to memorize the Bible from Genesis to Revelation – he has been called the “walking Bible” or “the Word man.” In the footsteps of his first pastor (Superintendent Cleo Martin Auston of Holy Mountain Church of God in Christ), Dr. McLeod learned that the word in his head and heart is easier to articulate than the Bible in his hand. Therefore, over thirty three years of proficient practice in dispensing the word from his heart, his confidence in the anointing and the “flow of God” has grown to a tremendous dimension of operation. He decrees and demonstrates a motto and set forth a coined phrase: “I’m working on my disappearance act”, by this, he is revealing that 10% of him equals 90% of God but zero percent of him equals 100% of God – this biblically inferred truth works well for him. It is a method that allows God to rise within him without limitations and bless the people. This blessing is dissimilated by an anointed word, a prophetic word, and a demonstrative word (I Corinthians 2:4):

  • He carries a strong prophetic mantle to empower the people of God regarding their purpose, destiny, hopes and dreams in God (Proverbs 13:12).

  • He has an obvious anointing and mantle to destroy yokes of impurity, and “layer removal” of “soul ties” and bondages.

  • He has a strong mantle to equip leaders and to restore “failed destinies”.

  • His greatest mantle is to Master Teach and Empower a new breed towards God’s End-Time purposes in the body.

  • As an Apostle (with an Apostle Mantle), Dr. McLeod is anointed to function in the role of pastor, evangelist, master teacher and prophet.