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Students throwing graduation hats

Welcome to NDU

Next Dimension University is committed to:

  • Fostering an innovative learning environment that respects the diversity of individual backgrounds, abilities, and cultures.
  • Offering programs that are poised to prepare, equip, empower and deploy you into your kingdom assignment.
  • Providing counseling and other support services to assist students in the identification of their goals and achievement of their personal, educational, and spiritual potential.
  • Partnering with local agencies, businesses, schools, and military bases to promote positive community development and economic growth.

NDU Degree Programs

Degree Programs

catalogphoto5The Associate of Biblical Studies Degree allows students to obtain a practical knowledge of biblical interpretation, doctrine, evangelism and discipleship. The program is ideal for anyone who wants to expand both their knowledge of the Bible and their effectiveness in ministry.

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NDUs Bachelor Degree programs are designed to give students an understanding and appreciation of the Word of God and its application. Our Bachelor Degree programs expose students to a broad spectrum of hermeneutical and exegetical perspectives, tools and methods so they may interpret the Bible responsibly and perceptively within a theological-historical framework.

Students interested in pursuing a Bachelor Degree may choose from one of five concentrations: Biblical Studies, Biblical Counseling, Religious Education, Sacred Music and Theology.


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catalogphoto1NDUs Master Degree programs facilitates Spirit-led growth and discipleship in students and equips them as ministers and leaders in the body of Christ. Foundational to this purpose, students are equipped with a solid knowledge of the Bible, a sound understanding of theology and an effective grasp of ministry enabling them, through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, to proclaim the healing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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catalogphoto2The Doctoral Degree program offers concentrations in Ministry (D.Min), Religious Education (DRE), Philosophy in Religious Studies (Ph.D.) and Theology (Th.D). Students will write a dissertation reflective of their area of concentration. The programs are specifically oriented toward preparing students to teach Bible and biblical languages in universities, seminaries, theological schools, and colleges; to teach in related academic fields at the college level; to become a specialist in scholarly biblical teaching in one’s ministerial practice; and to produce scholarly writing. This Doctoral programs should equip students with the aptitude necessary to bring critical skills to the biblical text; to analyze, interpret, and explain the text; and to express insights and conclusions in scholarly writing.

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Students throwing graduation hats

Graduation 2017

This page can be used to update students and visitors about the upcoming graduation celebration in 2017. This link to the page can be emailed as a link whenever there is an update.


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  • Dr. McLeod live on OCN Tuesday night
  • January class schedule updates
  • New Student Orientation:
    New students need to become acclimated to the “Next Dimension” System of Matriculation…

You're Invited

Graduation 2017

NDU invites you to celebrate the graduating class of 2017. We will celebrate this momentous occasion on the 19th of August 2017 in Los Angeles California. The honored students will be awarded their degree surrounded by family and loved ones.