Next Dimension University Award Ceremony & Commencement 2017

Your Destiny Awaits

Next Dimension University is stomping out biblical illiteracy, globally and training “master teachers” for end time deployment. “Campus Heaven” (the future campus for NDU) has never been more reachable. This is the season to launch the School Of Destiny campus: where 24 hours bible teaching and scholarly training will be realized. Come be a part of the biggest thing happening in Christian education today: Next Dimension University.

The scholars are coming: Dr. Kenneth Ulmer, Dr. Michelle Corral, Dr. Joel McLeod, Dr. George McKinney and Dr. Earl Johnson.

August 19, 2017 at 2 PM, West Angeles Cathedral Church

Red Carpet at 12 PM

“Scholars Commencement 10TH Year Decennial Banquet”
(White, Black, Gold Formal)
At 7PM Hilton LAX

V.I.P. Donor’s Reception: Friday at 7PM (night before commencement)

Sacred Music Awards

NDU acknowledges great generals in the faith for their outstanding contribution to gospel music and will award them for their ministerial impact to the body of Christ. These godly minstrels have dedicated their gifts to glorify God, and on August 19 2017, they will accentuate our graduation with their presence. Such dignitaries are Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Donald Lawrence, Erica Campbell, Angie Stone, David Hollister, Kierra Kiki Sheard, Montell Jordan and Deitrick Haddon

It is a decenial year and major milestone for Next Dimension University’s legacy as they celebrate 10 years of academic excellence and biblical literacy, equpping and deploying over 1,200 graduates and evolving as a powerhouse of Christian education. The celebration will take place at West Angeles Cathedral Church, 3045 Crenshaw Blvd in Los Angeles California at 2 p.m.

Over 250 NDU graduates will be empowered inspired and deployed by great notable scholars: Dr Kenneth Ulmer, Dr. George McKinney, Dr. Michelle Corral, and Dr. Earl Johnson. Chancellor, Dr. Joel McLeod invites all of the Christian community and those destined to see a spectacle of God’s glory revealed under the “Godmosphere.”


Theme: “Celebrating 10 Years Of Biblical Literacy And Scholarship: The Scholars Are Coming.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to advance in the kingdom! For more information regarding enrollment or church participation, call 888-206-4344