NDU | Bachelor of Theology

Bachelor of Theology (Th.B.) 150 Units

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree shall consist of the following 57 core units; assessed or transfer.

3 Units per course

THY-201                   CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY I
THY-301                   CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY II
THY-408                   CHRISTIOLOGY I
THY-501                   SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY I
THY-502                   SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY II
THY-503                   PASTORAL THEOLOGY
LAG-205                   ELEMENTARY HEBREW
LAG-501                   NEW TESTAMENT GREEK I

Admission Requirements:

  1. The Bachelor Degree have no prerequisite requirement. Anyone may register. Students without a high school diploma will be on probation until they have proven capability to complete college level work.
  2. Complete application and registration form.
  3. Submit records of all previous college level work completed.
  4. Students may request acceptance of transfer credit from an accredited school or its equivalent. Determination will be made by Registrar and approved by Academic Dean.
  5. Students may request assessment of lifetime learning/professional experience. Determination and assessment of advanced standing will be made by Academic Dean.
  6. Students may elect to receive a letter grade such as (A-C), or may elect to receive credit (CR) or no credit (NC). It is the student’s responsibility to request the type of grade they desire at the beginning of each course. All courses may be on Grade or (CR/NC).

Graduation Requirements:

All Bachelor Degree programs have the requirement of a Bible/Theology Major consisting of the following core requirements. All Bachelor programs require the completion of 120 Semester Units, with the exception of the Bachelor of Theology, which requires 150 Units. A minimum of 25% of unit requirements must be completed at NDU.

This will be the course description for the Associate’s Degree