NDU | Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Counseling

All Doctoral Degree program students must complete required units indicated by the Major of their choice. A minimum of 24 Units must be completed at NDU.

Candidates entering the Ph.D. program shall have earned a Master’s Degree including thirty (30) units of prerequisites in Biblical Studies.  The candidate will be required to complete 60 units to include 21 units of core subjects listed below.  A candidate may elect to enroll in a concurrent (Ph.D./DRE); (Ph.D./MBC) program.  Candidates electing a concurrent program may fulfill thirty (30) units of the Ph.D. program requirements in meeting the requirements for their concurrent Doctoral program.  Core requirements:

PHI-710                    DISSERTATION PROPOSAL     |   3 Units
PHI-704                    DIRECTED RESEARCH             |    6 Units
PHI-711                    DISSERTATION                            |    12 Units

The Doctorate degree consists of 30 units. Tuition will be charged at the rate of $250 per unit, totaling 7500 dollars. Students must complete all class requirements and satisfy all financial obligations in order to graduate.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Counseling

Doctor of Religious Studies

Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Theology