NDU provides for affordable tuition to assist students in achieving their professional and spiritual development goals.

Our programs are priced with the budget conscious in mind; therefore, we are pleased to offer low interest payment plans for anyone who may be interested. Please view the degree of your choice to view the applicable payment plan options.


Associate Degree      $3000.

Bachelor’s Degree     $4500.

Master’s Degree        $6000.

Doctorate Degree       $7500.

Ph.D.                           $9000.

**Any student interested in applying for the payment program must pay a down payment of 20% of the tuition of the degree for which they are pursuing.

Payment Options
Option 1: Down Payment-20%
Remainder paid in 2 installments.

Option 2: Down Payment- 20%
Remainder paid in 3 installments.

Option 3: Full Payment.


NDU encourages candidates to seek scholarships and bursary awards through their high school Career Development offices, place of employment, parent’s place of employment, associations, union offices, etc. The following are additional sources of funding:

Student loans through your bank
Personal loans
Workers compensation Board
Vocational Rehabilitation
Local grants
Employer paid financing options
Employer tuition reimbursement
Walmart Associate Scholarship
Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education
Adult Students in the Scholastic Transition Scholarship
Hospitality trade associations


Payment plans are available to all students who are U.S. residents with a minimum down payment of $500. The remainder of the balance is paid monthly by check, bank account or credit card through TFC Credit Corporation. TFC Credit Corporation is an experienced financing operator providing services for more than 2,000 schools. The payment plan program is flexible in that the outstanding amount of the balance can be paid off at any time without penalty.


*No students are turned down for installments or financing. Options are always available.

Next Steps
To enroll in any of our programs using the payment arrangement option, select the payment option you prefer. You will be taken to a short enrollment application, which after completed, will direct you to the check out page to make your down payment. There are no application fees, administration fees or hidden fees. We make our programs affordable so there will be no need for heavy cash outlays or loans.



Students who drop a class within the first 10% of class meetings may be eligible for a 100% refund of enrollment fees and nonresident tuition. Nonresident students who withdraw within 17% of class meetings will be eligible for an 80% tuition refund. There will be no other refund of nonresident tuition. Refunds are not automatic, except in cases where the university cancelled the class. Students eligible for a refund must submit the refund petition forms to Admissions and Records no later than the date indicated in the current Schedule of Classes. Refer to the current Schedule of Classes or contact Admissions and Records for refund deadlines for short-term, late starting, or summer session classes, as deadlines can be as early as the first or second day of class. The ASB and Student Representation Fees are non-refundable once paid.

For students who are active or reserve U.S. military personnel and receive orders compelling withdrawal from courses, Next Dimension University shall, upon receipt of student orders and petition from the student, refund enrollment fees unless a credit has already been granted.


The college reserves the right to withhold grades, transcripts, diplomas and/or registration privileges, or any combination thereof, from any student or former student who fails to pay a proper financial obligation due the college. A proper financial obligation shall include, but is not limited to: student fees; obligations incurred through the use of facilities, equipment, or materials; library fines; unreturned library books; returned check; materials remaining improperly in the possession of the student; and/or any other unpaid obligation a student or former student owes to the college. A proper financial obligation does not include any unpaid obligation to a student organization. Any item(s) withheld shall be released when the student satisfactorily meets the obligation.