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NDU Degree Programs -

The hour has come to prepare and equip a new breed of budding prophets and fivefold ministerial gifts to Kingdom Dominion. The “wind of God” is blowing to prophetically affect a remnant nation to manifest the glory of God within the venues of men and women.


Associates Degree Program

The ABS Degree Program shall consist of the following 30 core units, plus 30 elective units. Fifteen (15) units must be completed with NDU and forty-five (45) units may be assessed or transfer units if they meet degree requirements.

Bachelor's Degree Program

All Bachelor Degree programs have the requirement of a Bible/Theology Major consisting of the following core requirements. All Bachelor programs require the completion of 120 Semester Units, except the Bachelor of Theology, which requires 150 Units. A minimum of 25%of unit requirements must be completed at NDU.

Master's Degree Program

All Master’s Degree program students must complete required units indicated by the major of their choice. A minimum of 24 units must be completed at NDU.

Doctoral Degree Program

All Doctoral Degree program students must complete required units indicated by the Major of their choice.  A minimum of 24 Units must be completed at NDU.

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Next Dimension University’s general education philosophy serves to enhance creativity, reasoning, ethical behavior, and human understanding, which are essential to the attainment of personal goals and effective participation in a rapidly changing society.

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