The Mission - The Movement Emphasis

The hour has come to prepare and equip a new breed of budding prophets and fivefold ministerial gifts to Kingdom Dominion. The “wind of God” is blowing to prophetically affect a remnant nation to manifest the glory of God within the venues of men and women. The church as a whole is in the midst of a season and time of glorious transition. The urgency is now stronger than ever before, and the mandate to tilt the “shoulder of the Body of Christ” towards God’s end time purposes has intensified. Thus the “Next Dimension University and Ministries” has been launched for such a time-for such a purpose. It is unleashed as an end of age paradigm to “purposefully and prophetically shake” the religious structures and systems out of a hypnotic literal stupor to the fresh wind of the prophetic proper.

The mandate entails recruiting, training, activating, and deploying the prophetic and fivefold ministerial gifts into unaffected regions of the world to bring forth glory of God for the dynamic transformation of men and women, to dispel church apathy and complacency, and to acclimate the Christian regarding the awesome prophetic movement of God in this hour.


General Education Philosophy

Next Dimension University provides a general education for its students. The district seeks to develop the whole person where the individual is greater than the sum of his or her independent educational experiences, a person who will understand the world within and the world without.

Next Dimension University’s general education philosophy serves to enhance creativity, reasoning, ethical behavior, and human understanding, which are essential to the attainment of personal goals and effective participation in a rapidly changing society.

The district’s general education philosophy ensures a coherent, interdisciplinary approach in the overall undergraduate curriculum. Students are provided with the breadth and intellectual challenges which stimulate discovery in a world full of different kinds of knowledge and social structures. Students are given the opportunity to develop an integrated overview of the varied


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